2 Chainz – Forever Story lyrics

2 Chainz - Forever Story lyrics



2 Chainz – Forever Story lyrics

[Intro: JID & Young Nudy]
(Cook that sh*t up, Quay)
Yeah, uh
I mean, Quay got down
With [?] that ni**a got down
So Eastside, boy, you better get down
Comin’ to the studio, check your pockets (Yes, sir)
Bring the .30 right there
Eastside ni**as don’t play, haha, straight up
Look (I fu*k with it), uh
[Verse 1: JID]
Either you do or you don’t it
If you put me to it, I’ma get it done
From a city that don’t see the sun
Either you a sinner or a citizen
ni**as ain’t runnin’, they gettin’ guns
Or a choppa that’s little as Big Sean
He on the block with that big buns
I was with Barry from [?]
Stackin’ bonds, talkin’ funds, clockin’ money
The game a jungle, we playin’ Jumanji
I’m in Jamaica, Jeep playin’ [?]
Stand in my veins, stay in [?] Gandhi
Stand on my plan, plant on my stains
Man of my word, word of my man
Heard I got work, word, what you serve?
Oh, verse by verse, my verb likе Perc
I slow it down my verse likе syrrup
I like the sound, gun rounds on mother Earth
With a little pump, you get smoked like purp
Get a ni**a jumped, don’t fu*k up my shirt
ni**a JID, stands for Jumped In Dirt
When the [?] it does wonder works
See you with the monsters in the under earth, mm, b*tch
[Bridge 1: Young Nudy]
You know, Zone 6 ni**a, you know we do sh*t like that
You know, we get money
You know what I mean, that sh*t go through the money counter
Get green, come out blue, you know what I mean
Stay true to yourself, ni**a for real (b*tch, b*tch, b*tch)
Don’t be no pussy (b*tch, b*tch, yeah, sh*t)
[Verse 2: JID]
Either you do it or don’t do it
God put me to it then helped me through it
Homie havin’ work around the hood
But if Heaven’s waitin’, what the Hell we doin’?
Back on [?], lookin’ for juggs
Back on business, to strippin’ and goods
Put crack on Blacks and then shackle their foots
They go back to back, way back to back
We was back in the woods, runnin’ from white ni**as
Night killers, try pillage my village

Triflin’ idealist, identity crisis, I dig it, I get it
I been in fights that I didn’t win and I didn’t die but they didn’t live
So we did it right, better not get in if you not gon’ slide
‘Cause you not gon’ fit, just stay inside
Don’t play no fence, no switchs, no sides
Go grab a swish, J Jacksons 5
Joe’s whippin’ keys, Mike still alive
Pour up some Prince, pro ni**a rights
Hold up your fits, throw up your sign
Throw up your clique, throw down and fight
I fu*ked up my feet but you ain’t gon’ hit ’cause I ain’t no b*tch
Hum, b*tch
[Bridge 2: Young Nudy]
fu*k you know about that Glock that switch on it, ni**a
Hahaha, haha, I like that right there
Yes sir, you know we got the [?], it’s fat
[?] swangin’, b*tch, comin’ brazy, b*tch you heard me
[Verse 3: 2 Chainz]
I’m on the green like I’m in the golf
I sold bags so there’s pillowtalk
I made a jugg off of dinner folk
Ain’t goin’ back and forth, dental floss (Ooh)
Put this denim on, it’s dinner time (Yeah)
I eat a rapper like the 69 (Pussy)
I done flipped the packs, I done flipped some racks
One thing I ain’t did was flip some fries (Nah)
Everything big, I don’t minimize (Big)
Eenie meenie miney mo, it’s how I pick a ride
Either us or them, you need to pick a side (Tell ’em)
When she come through, she like, “This a vibe”
My neigborhood it got trenchified
Y’al feed with Black Lives Matter signs
My trigger finger need [?]
What do the heartless do? fu*k Valentines (Boom)
Valet parkin’, I [?] the line
Can’t win if you quit tryin’ (Yeah)
Been had the baddest b*tch, that’ll trick you dead or like slip and slide (Ooh)
On a mission, my oponent missin’
[?] with the solar system (True)
Strip club, pole position
Gettin’ money, so consistent
[Outro: Young Nudy]
[?] and bu*ter, b*tch, you hear me?
You havin’ money, you lookin’ fly, you feel me?
Get high as much as you want to, you ain’t gotta stress about, ain’t no stress on your [?], ni**a

2 Chainz – Forever Story lyrics

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