2 Of A Kind

Lyrics to ‘2 Of A Kind’ by AK the Savior:

–Verse 1: AK the Savior–
Look your killer in the face
At your very last breath be a witness to your faith
Grim reaper with the cape
Tim Tebow better pray
Got a couple loose cats but them villains never stray
I just handle business, diminish the mental play
Half saint, half menace
All blended up in to shape
Keep a strong spirit, keep thinkin’ beyond limits
But I keep my arm hidden case niggas try harmin’ em
But they never try
I just sit and analyze the universe
My camouflage control this shit no analog
I be on my Gambit, playin’ cards that be my exercise
Flyin’ on my nimbus ’cause this weed is upper echelon
Niggas try to break the bond but me I got a sacred mind
Battles with my center only competition that I find
I be on stealth, if it ain’t about the wealth
Beef is bad for your health
I devour you and belch lil’ nigga uh

–Hook: AK the Savior x2–
Till the grave I’m a sinner
Though we elevated living, is the lord gone forgive us
Break the odds when you know that you a god
Lil’ nigga no mirage when you see us livin’ large
Gettin’ scrilla ay

–Verse 2: AK the Savior–
I done came up from nothin my nigga, rehabilitate
Don’t mistake me for bluffin’
I’m conscious but I’m still a [?]
All my niggas be bustin’ when fuckin with the family
You can know some martial arts but that won’t help you when he spray
See the blessings through the haze gotta get out and create
For the bread I’m on a chase, like a pigeon on the pavement
Nigga use your brain for your filter rearrange
When you’re feelin’ lost its the fuckin’ motivation

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