A Sound Of Thunder – Elijah Lyrics

Is someone there?
Can you hear me?

It's always been so silent
I'm all alone at night
Standing by my window
As the hours pass me by

Sometimes I think someone's here
I see him in the glass
And if he's real, then maybe…
Maybe I have a friend at last

This room is sanctuary
This house is all I know
Locked inside for safety
I've never dared to go

No one else to play with
Mother is my only friend
She warns me of the outside
The dangers I could never comprehend

But suddenly he's there
A voice to speak my name
He comes and then he's gone
It's our secret game
And now he shows me places
I've never seen before
The rooms she's locked and hidden
An unknown name on a forbidden door

What are you doing down here?
Haven't I told you not to go sneaking around
Who are you talking to?
You'll be sorry if you make another sound

Take my hand, Elijah
And stay the night with me
We'll walk these halls together
There's so much more to see

In this room she kept from me
I've found another face
Just like mine but different
I see, I took her place

Memories begin to stir
Is this where I belong?
A shadow growing in my mind
Fed by Elijah's song

Why are you down here?
Haven't I told you to obey
Why can't you just behave yourself?
Why can't you do as I say?
Speak to me, Elijah
Tell me all the things you've seen
Tell me what you've seen
All these images that haunt me

Tell me what do they all mean

The life you think you know
Is just a cruel game
They took you from your home
And robbed you of your name

You've got to leave this place
That's why I've come for you
They killed your family
And soon they'll kill you too

My brother's voice brought tears to my eyes
I understood all the lies
And I knew what must be done
I made my plan
I'd have her blood on my hands

I'm creeping down the hall
I've got the knife in my hand
Elijah leads me on as I make my stand
Now at the side of the bed
I pray and drive the knife in
But mother screams in rage
As the chase begins
She hunts me in the night
I see the house catch flame
And rising from their graves
More girls who lost their names

Now, now is the time
Now you will pay
You took my brother, my family away
This is my reckoning day
What do you have to say?

How dare you accuse me?
(because you killed us)
Can't you see how much I loved you
You should have been our daughters
What more could we do?

The spirits dragged her down into the flames
Where she lies still to this day
(she lies still to this day)
Where she lies still to this day
And I left that fire burning
I felt the fear fade away

I remember Elijah
My brother from a life long gone
Take my hand, Elijah
(we'll fly away)
We'll fly away
(we'll fly away)
We'll fly away
We'll fly away into the dawn