A-trak – Believe Lyrics

Believe Lyrics

Lil Boat and Quavo

[Chorus: Lil Yachty]
I believe in you
They told you you can’t show them folks, you do
Every bitch in the world posts us in their room
But I f**k with lil’ shorty ’cause she vacuum
Suck me in the living room

[Verse 1: Quavo & Lil Yachty]
Look at the rocks
Ice on my watch (yah!)
When I’m on the block (block)
I run from the cops (cops)
Damn, did I forget to mention
All these racks on me, playin’ tennis
Brought my name in the World Guiness
Take them back to the beginnin’
Take them back to the beginnin’
Back before Lil Boat was winnin’
Back before I had a million
Back before I was car stealin’
These niggas act like they feel me
If I got caught slippin’ on my soap
I’m sure these niggas’d try to kill me
She said, “How rich are you?” Yo, I’m filthy
I perfect all my craft
Shoot a nigga like Shaft
I sell a million-dollar slab (M&M)
Then put your bitch in a cab (bitch)
Do a show out in Rio
I just do it for the Migos
First time I met a migo
I walked away with a kilo (kilo)
Got a brick, Shaq free throw
Hit the pot with the people’s elbow
Never go out like Nino (ayy)
I’m in the water like Nemo (ayy)
Who that is with the mink on? (ayy)
Look at my paper, Kinko’s (ayy)
Shoot at the block then reload
Shoot at the block then reload
Ball so hard, free throw
Bitch curl like a Frito (yeah)
Twenty bands, that’s for every show (yeah)
Got an Asian bitch, she loves egg rolls
Got a Black bitch with an attitude
When I tell her no, she just neck-rolls
Got a big sack and it’s so big
Boy I swear to God I just can’t fold

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