Alvin & The Chipmunks – The Brave Chipmunks Lyrics

Hi. everybody!
The Chipmunks and I are taking a trip around the world
So c’mon and join us

We just arrived here in Mexico
Our friendly neighbors to the south
It’s a beautiful country filled with music and…

What’s that over there?
Boy, look at all the people
Hehehe, yeah!
What’s that?

That’s a bull ring, boys
They’re about to have a bull fight
I wanna fight a bull
Me too!
Let’s go!

Now hang on, fellas
You can’t just walk into the middle of a bull ring!
It’s dangerous in there!

We want to fight the bull
Want to be a torero, hurrah!
We know we can beat the bull
You can bet your sombrero, hurrah!

Ladies love a man who’s brave
Be his slave
If he’s brave
They will swoon and throw us a rose
When I punch the bull in the nose

We’re gonna beat the bull
We are fearless and steady, hurrah!
We hope he is fighting mad
Turn him loose, we are ready!

We wanted to fight the bull
We must of been crazy
Instead of a fight we are drinking milk
Sure glad the bull’s name was Daisy

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