Amy Rigby – Shopping Around Lyrics

Mama never said that there’d be days like this

How could she know, the way it would go?

Mama wouldn’t guess the kind of stress I’d find

In these modern times, the mess in my mind

Too many choices, all making noises

The lines are getting blurred

I’m hearing voices in my head

That mama never heard

I can’t stop shopping around

What am I looking for?

I can’t stop shopping around

Wishing for something more

Than I can put my finger on

The good old days are gone

How can a girl be sure and settle down

When I can’t stop

I can’t stop shopping around

I come home at night and drink a glass of wine

I party down with no one around

I expected more and I expected less

I never choose, so I never lose

Give me a break I made a mistake

A mistake, a mistake was made

I’m getting older, I’m getting wiser

But am I getting laid?

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