Angelica Garcia – Valentina In The Moonlight Lyrics

When I first heard your name, I knew that you was special
Your father boasted you like a prize
A bird in a cage, eyes was custom
But a curious boy, I had to see for myself
I climbed on a rooftop just to look down
When out on a patio, my eyes finally found
Valentina in the moonlight
Bright star, how could I turn away from you now?
When I saw visions of your blood mixed with my blood
From miles and miles, generations beginning ? I saw

My feet slipping on the rooftops
??? thinking I could die
But the hide doesn't always lead us to safety
Oh but now more than ever, it knows what's best for me
Valentina in the moonlight
Journeys end in the brown eyes
I stand ?? and I know that you are family
Will never allow me, but never ??
If you ever need me, I'll be right here