Apologetix – A Day In The Loaf Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I fed the Jews today, oh boy
I had a luncheon planned to take to the lake
5000 Jews around me sat
Well, I just had to laugh
They all forgot to pack
I knew that my lunch didn’t count
These fish and loaves would not much life sustain
A crowd of people couldn’t share
They needed faith for sure
The only way to feed ’em all
Was if it was the hand of the Lord

[Verse 2]
Christ got them filled today, oh boy
The thing we saw He had not done before
For how this deed was done today
We might just have to look
After there’s a book
In Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

Hold up! We’re out of bread!
Send ’em home, the crowd needs fed

“Find a way,” He said, “You can’t give up
“Go look around for food beside the lake.”
(Heh heh heh heh heh)
Found a kid who had some bread
Told the boss. He said, “No sweat.”
Had a word of prayer and bread was broke
Had so many loaves there I thought it was a dream
Ahhhh Ah Ah Ahh
Ah Ah Ahhh Ah Ah Ah-Ah
Ah Ah Ah
Ahhhh Ah Ah Ah
Ah Ah Ahhhh Ah Ah Ah-Ah-Ah

[Verse 4]
Christ fed the Greeks today, oh goy
4000 folks just had their banquet here
And though the loaves were rather small
He had no doubts at all
And how they had so many loaves that they were filled
Well, I don’t know
I’d love to tell you all