Are the US anthem and “Khasbulat the daring” the same tune?

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They write that the melody of the US national anthem is completely torn off from the Russian song “Khasbulat Udaloy”. Indeed, one on one! How to understand this?

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Responding Candidate of Historical Sciences Alexander Bayramov:

– Indeed, these melodies are very similar. Moreover, the composition “The Star-Spangled Banner”, i.e. “The Banner Spangled with Stars”, officially became the anthem of the United States in 1931. And the poem of the poet, officer and veteran of the Caucasian War Alexander Ammosov, which formed the basis of the song about Khasbulat, appeared in print in 1858

The music was adapted to it in 1890. So, according to all formal signs, it turns out that ours managed to do it earlier, and significantly. And the Americans just stole the melody.

But there is one catch. Composition “The Star-Spangled Banner” by that time it was already an anthem. True, not the state, but the fleet. The US Navy adopted it as an anthem a long time ago. The words were taken from the poem “The Defense of Fort McHenry”, written in 1814. At the same time, the song was first performed in Baltimore. Another thing is that the Americans whistled the melody of their anthem. Its author was the English composer John Stafford Smith, who in 1780 wrote for the London club “Anacreontic Society”; hymn “To Anacreon in Heaven”. In this hymn, a promise was made to the ancient Greek poet Anacreon, who above all put good wine, a friendly feast and the love of beautiful women, to follow his precepts.

Apparently, both Americans and Russians musical inspiration was drawn from one source.


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