Asteroid 4660 Nereus went to approach the Earth

Asteroid 4660 Nereus, approaching the Earth, is considered potentially dangerous, since it is capable of flying closer to the planet by 0.05 astronomical units, 360 reports.

Astronomer Denis Denisenko explained that it is 20 times closer than from the Earth to the Sun. According to him, the asteroid will approach the Earth up to about 4 million kilometers. At the same time & nbsp; collisions of the asteroid neither with the Earth nor with the Moon in the next hundred years will not occur.

The expert noted that the approach of 4660 Nereus with the Earth will not affect the inhabitants of the planet in any way.

Earlier it was reported that a rocket with a probe was launched in California to protect the Earth from asteroids. The spacecraft went to meet the small near-Earth asteroid Dimorf. & Nbsp;


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