Azealia Banks – Chi Chi Lyrics

Chi Chi Lyrics

Hands up, it’s a hold up
Keep them pies hot nigga, pack the heater in the holster
Slip the clip in and pop it, they tried to G me on the quota
I could picture ya noggin’ rockin’, you peasy on the corner
I stretch it with the soda
Whip the cream to the top, pot Betty with the shoulder
Got the keys to the drop top, but I’m in the Rover
Keep them fiends on that clock, clock, came to get the dough up

Niggas, I be wildin’ for that cheddar, for that paper
Island hoppin’ in Bahamas, helicopter to Jamaica
Puerto Rican papi got that product and that peso
Get that perico on Broadway
Chi Chi get the yayo
You know I’m about it, every dollar on the pay roll
Tell ’em niggas we be grindin’ till the motherf**kin’ day o’er
Bet you read about it, bet you plottin’, bet you hatin’
Get that perico on Broadway
Chi Chi get the –

Hear my Lexus purr, I just crept to jers
Got genuine leather interi and my texture fur
Icy bezel, I’m freezy and my necklace splurge
Watch me run up on them niggas with that tech and burst
Now niggas wreck their dough for my X and O
La Perla provocateur lace, I feed ’em sex and blow
Chi Chi got it from some gualas in Calexico
Click-c-click, blam, you be next to go

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