Azizi Gibson – Tear Drops Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Uh, [?], repeats
[?], CC
Drop beat, happy?
I mean [?]
No keys, two streets
OB, know me
My price went up, nigga [?], yeah (Oh yeah)
My price went up, nigga [?], yeah, yeah
They didn’t think I’d make it this far
They didn’t think I’d make it to tomorrow
They didn’t think I’d ever get past
They didn’t think I’d move this fast
They didn’t think they’d see this ass
And see the exhaust coming from the gas
They didn’t think I’d have a bad bitch to smash
They always thought I’d be with a bitch that’s flat
Now a nigga got a whole lotta cash (Splash)
A nigga don’t even gotta laugh no mo’
To act like I don’t give a f*ck no mo’
‘Cause that’s what I don’t- (Yeah, no more caring)
From memories, to memories, remember me
On top of everything that’s lean
Just let me be, be everything
Yeah, let me be, be me

Let me be on my way
I’m on my way now

I gotta go, I bought my [?]
I’m on my way now
I been gone too many days
I’m on my way now
I ain’t got no shit to say (I’m on my way now)
Yeah, PA’s (I’m on my way now)

[Verse 2]
Simon says what I tell him to (Ur), make her rob me (Haha)
Might take down what I’m tellin’ you, if it got me (Joint)
Gotta suck this dick right if you want habache
You can do it all night you get to chill around me (Okay)
Yo-your tits [?], your ass has got you lookin’ like a glass
Thought that you was on your shit, but ain’t shit without your cash
Thought that you was everything, but everything about you wack (Wack)
You thought I was your first, but I’m definitely last, yeah (Oh shit)
You thought you had the magic, now that shit is tragic (You thought you had the magic)
You shoulda, you shoulda never, shoulda never wearn plastic
Uh, I swear you been way too dramatic
So stop right there, ’cause a nigga countin’ cash babe

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