Babylon Circus – Shout It Lyrics

You’ll never see me come with a gun
And try to shoot them (Babylon)
Tonight I feel like roaring like a lion
But I don’t come to hurt anyone
Tonight, we’re gonna have war! (war)
But I know we can make it without making any victims
Don’t wanna be a star
Just let me jump on the scene
To shout it on the riddim!
Me no come to tell you what is best
No come to show you (who’s the best)
Just looking for a positive way to protest
Looking for a constructive way to contest!

So much things to say kept inside your heart
And that’s the way the system will keep you apart
Come, come, come people don’t have no fear!
Come, come, come people shout it up here!
Shout it up, shout it up, shout it up here
Come upon the stage to make everybody hear!

Just haffi sing and dance
No haffi use any violence
Just haffi sing and dance
That’s the way we shall offer some resistance

So that’s the way we’re gonna make it
Shootin’ our message like a bullet (bullet bullet)
People rally round, dem are walking along
Comin’ together to make a big fire!
People hear dis sound to make strong
People hear dis sound to make fire

People rally round, to make strong strong
People rally round to make fire fire

People ??? ??? strong strong strong strong strong strong strong fire!

Don’t take for revolutionaries
All a dem wicked mercenaries
Dem come down to whip out your worst enemy
Dem are brave, dem are strong like an army
Ya hear about dem, but ya cyaan’t see no face
You should see dem resting in their golden palace!
Yesterday’s rebel became your minister
No more trouble, no more trouble, but nothing goes better!
Poor an needy became rich and greedy
No care for you, no care for me, no care for anybody!
Check out dis foolish mentality
Check out dis political slavery
Don’t give support to any brutality
Cause it will only benefit the minority

Dreamin’ of a dreadful revenge
We always do that and the things never changes
Dreamin’ of a dreadful revenge
We always do that and the things never changes, never changes, never changes…

We got a bass, we got drums
Heavy like a river, rolling on the rock!
We got guitars, we got organs
Like birds in the hood, dem a chuck, chuck, chuck
We got a sax, a trompet and a trombone
Lightning! shaking the trees!
We got voices, we got ideas
And we’re carrying all that stuff inna Babylon!

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