Bamil – Love Across The Border lyrics

Love Across The Border
Music And Lyrics By
Bamil Gutiérrez Collado
Odalloc Limab Songs/ASCAP©2012
All Rights Reserved.

He’s a boy from somewhere in Mexico
She’s a sweet girl from somewhere in L.A.
They met in a special way
They don’t know ’bout barricades,
They just know how to be good friends.

A world between them
Separated by discrimination
They just want to live
Without hate and seperations
They only need understanding and hope
While they speak along their dreams,
So they want more than…

A love across the border
They want love
They want a peaceful place
To believe once growth;
A love across the border
Throughout this world
A world with pretty thing
Once were made by God.

They are everywhere,
They are common kids
Among their stories they have in common
A heartful dream
To live in a better place,
In a better land
And lead the exodus that today begin

Today there’s so much hate
Today there’s no good morning
Someday I hope this will be
The land for every human being
Without hate and seperations.

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