Barz Da Lyricist – Cocoon Lyrics

Verse: i used to crawl for years as a caterpillar
Hatred was on the leaves
I used to eat it up so consistently , had to adapt to cruelty ..
And through the foolery
People that went to school with me
Hung around when they saw fit

— necklace jewelry

Adjust to such much change
People tried to wear me up
Cause I did not act the same
So I didn’t make their cut
They said I was so strange
Now they tryna share my fame
This caterpillar soared through the trials and mi-graines

I had to go through so much pain
5 no’s for every yup
Had to crawl down my own lane
Obstacles I could not duck
Had to push past all the ridicule from evening through the noon
This life has been a process I was up in a cocoon

Bridge //
Will I make it soon?
Thoughts going through my mind
I was living in a cartoon , reality’s a blurred line
People tried to break me down I had to leave it all behind
I had to glo up , I had to grow up and teach myself to fly

Outro : ima reach these dreams
Ima set these goals
Ima get this green pockets stay on swole
Said I was sailing , not gonna rock the boat
Ima keep pushing through the obstacles (sta-clesss ) x2

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