Ben Green – Change Up lyrics

Don’t go dumb when the world go stupid 
Gotta stay above it all keep that birds eye view
Don’t try and teach me how to ball u can how I’m shooting
I stay workin through the fall, keep on doing on doing what I’m doin  X2 

They try and lock yo brain with them chains all these lames only walking on yo side when u came up
Then when u all alone in the cold with nothing but yo soul
U can start to see how they change up 

Got a Gucci bag Balmains no stains we ain’t rockin with the same stuff
I thought y’all had my back but at least now I know it was fake love 
Every one showing me showin me the fake love
Now y’all hit me phone and I straight duck 
Y’all don’t exist u is straight dust 
Only thing on my mind is the paper 
You were showing me the fake love Ima be straight up.
Stay above my paper

Someone said to achieve it u gotta believe it
Instead I stayed rollin the sativas to battle my all of my demons 
And at first it worked then it started to creep up 
All the shit I deleted, tryna find all the meanings 
Just be straight up  

All the rest still talkin bout the same stuff 
Claimin that they got a 30 and it stay tucked 
Y’all really do the most to be famous
But when the truth comes out u a lamest
Cold in the best of ways 
Smoke in the escalade
Love all the mess we made 
Fuck the rest of the way
Blow we gonna detonate
Smoke the rest of the 8th

Some people gonna change some gonna stay the same
I just gotta numb the pain  
Some people gonna change
Some gonna stay the same 
I just gotta do my thing 

Don’t go dumb when the world go stupid 
Gotta stay above it all keep that birds eye view 
Times change up but the real stay truthful
I’ma stay working through the fall
Keep on doin what I’m doin x2
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