Bigmoneybrezzy – The One Lyrics

Brezzy, stop doing these niggas like this man
Stop doing these niggas like this Carter
Jesus, stop
Saucy money ent, ok
(Get em)

Verse 1

I hop out the benz
I hop in the Ford (yeah)
With a lil baddie, Norma Dior (yeah)
Thats my lil baby, I do it for ha (who)
I’m from the 80s, I do it for love (I do man)
f*ck what they saying
f*ck what he talking
Snitches get stitches
Pull up your britches(britches hoe)
You a lil bird
You a lil pigeon
Ima just shit on every nigga who hatin (fart noice)
Who debating, nigga I’m the best (yeah)
23 vet, on my arm and chest
I’m solitude, nigga f*ck the rest
Its the boy brezz, never settle for less
Atx what I f*cking rep (uh huh)
I’m blackballed, cause I’m not like the rest (no no)
Give the world peace, like Ron artest (yea yea)
I’m just better at it when, I f*ckin flex (wow)
God damn, nigga you the shit (uh Huh)
Go so crazy when I f*cking spit (yeah)
I’m to legit, to f*cking quit (woo)
Make a bitch, do the banana splits (woo)
Break a bitch, I shoulda been a pimp (woo)
40 on me, like I’m Shawn Kemp (woo)
Thats them hands, they accurate (yeah)
I’m a king, like sac-cro- ment-toe (brezzy)
Uhhh shit, God damn Brezzy

Verse 2

I’m in the mix, but I stay out the Twix
Gimme my crown, like I’m riding in a Vic
Gimme my vape, I don’t f*ck with them cigs
Riding exotics, you know Im the shit

I am the pilot, Im driving the plane
I just gone tell you, where we gonna lane
I am that nigga, with the master plan
I am that nigga, that get di ve dends
I am that nigga, who don’t have no friends (God damn, God damn, God damn)
I am that nigga who always gone win (God damn, God damn, God damn)
Sipping on crown, with the peach at the end (God damn it, God damn it, God damn it)
Open up them legs, let me let me in (God damnnnn Brezzy)


Verse 3

I’m stuck in the matrix, like Lawrence Fishbourne (yeaaa)
Iverson braids, and we call em fishbone
All the lil hotties wanna let a nigga bone (yeah)
All the lil thotties, wanna smoke Ching Chong (yeah)
I’m the real deal, nigga f*ck yo kinkos (kinkos)
I can scream it loud, like I’m playing bingo (bingo)
Smooth with the words, thats my other lingo (lingo)
A big lil city, like my name was reno (God damn)
God damn, Brezz you cool with the shit (uh huh)
I get it from my mother, she chill with the shit (Chill)
But don’t get outta line, cause yo wig might get split (split hoe)
I’m with the shit
I’m with the shit (uh huh)
I am the shit, I need a toilet (phone sound)
You is a bitch
Yo mommas a snitch (phone sound)
Your brothers a hoe
You already know (phone sound)
Bitch im so thowed (phone sound)
Bitch im so cold (phone sound)

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