Bloomberg learned about the inclusion of amendments to Kaliningrad in the new EU sanctions

The EU may include in the new package of sanctions the adjusted rules for transit to the Kaliningrad region through Lithuania,

Bloomberg learned about the inclusion of amendments to Kaliningrad in the new EU sanctions

The new package of EU sanctions may include adjusted rules for transit to the Kaliningrad region through Lithuania, Bloomberg reports citing sources.

According to the agency, some European countries are concerned that Vilnius may be pressured to allow the transport of goods through its territory to the Russian region.

According to one of the interlocutors, any procedure for applying sanctions should apply to all EU countries, and not just to the Baltic republic.

Brussels in the fifth package of sanctions against Russia made an exception for road transit of goods, the transportation of which is not prohibited by the EU, between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of Russia. The governor of the region Anton Alikhanov drew attention to this. His spokesman, Dmitry Lyskov, then clarified that they meant clarifications according to which the restrictions do not imply a ban on the transportation of goods by rail and road to the Kaliningrad region from Russia, since, in their understanding, they are talking about transportation from Russia to Russia.

After the restriction of transit by Lithuania, Alikhanov suggested that Brussels forgot about its obligations regarding transit to the Kaliningrad region. According to him, the Russian side expects that the European Union will either correct the previous options for restrictive measures, or extend the clause in the fifth package to the previous ones, or explain to Lithuania the procedure for transit.

Since June 18, Lithuania has refused to allow goods subject to EU sanctions to enter the Kaliningrad region. The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry referred to the observance of the Brussels sanctions. The fact that the Lithuanian side was guided by the restrictive measures adopted by the EU was also stated by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, excluding the blockade of the region.

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According to the Ministry of Economic Development of the region, the restrictions affected gas liquefaction plants, iron and steel products, thoroughbred horses, truffles, perfumes, household appliances more expensive than €750 and other goods.

Moscow protested to the Lithuanian side because of the situation with transit. The Kremlin called the republic's actions “violation of everything and everything.”

Russia's response is “capable of shutting off oxygen” Lithuania, which “took hostile actions,” was warned by Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev. “By the way, the EU did not even insist on these steps (implementation of sanctions. — RBC), realizing possible problems. But Lithuania obsequiously bowed in front of American benefactors, once again demonstrating its moronic Russophobic attitudes, — he said, calling the actions of Vilnius “part of the very “war by proxy” that the West unleashed against Russia.”

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