Buxaburn – California Green Lyrics (feat. Phatt Dogg & Blu Waters)

Oh, 1 things fa sho
We on the California Green, so u already know what that
Thats whats up
Straight made it from the hood, then we raised a cup, an said
We brought the funk
Like, u can come and get whatever what ya want, cus its
We Some Ruthless G's
So before somun pop,……… MUSIC PLEASE

(Verse 1)
Buxaburn on sight, Hoodlum West, Fo-Life
Posted on the block, like a pair of ol dice
Sold it to the top, got it fo the low price
Brought somun to pop, then I put it on ice

Make ya wanna drive by like, just ride
Kind a sound better than the big 4-5
We know how ta party California so fly
So high, oh, fo sho, oh my
Flossin all off in the cut
A whole lot more, than just a lil somewhat
Leave that pump, for somun else in the trunk
We bump bump, an da dump da G-Funk
Play dis once, an see da girl do the groove
I 1-2 step, so respect the house shoes
Ooh I looove, to tell the world whats, home to me
Santa Ana, California, Bristol Street…Be like

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