“Cannon fodder”: Ukraine decided to distribute military weapons to civilians

“There is no guarantee that they will not start shooting at their own”

Ukraine is actively forming volunteer territorial battalions. Their number was published by the American magazine Foreign Policy. In total, they plan to form 25 volunteer brigades and 150 armed battalions from the civilian population. This is 130 thousand people, the newspaper writes. The military expert shared his assessment of the effectiveness of these units.

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Head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry Oleksiy Reznikov claims that by the end of February, territorial defense units will be at least 70% complete. “When hundreds of civilians are prepared and can advance to their positions within a few hours, this will create a new quality of defense,” – Reznikov said. From whom to defend – it is clear: from “Russian aggression”.

According to the head of the military department, the Ministry of Defense will provide weapons, clothing, means of communication and individual armor protection for volunteers. Train “resistance forces” there will be servicemen of the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine.

The law “On National Resistance”, which came into force in Ukraine on January 1, 2022, states that it is now possible to create such detachments and battalions anywhere. The use of personal small arms is encouraged, which a participant in the defense can always and everywhere carry with him loaded. Battle groups are planned to be formed mainly in small towns, both from military personnel and from volunteers.

Military expert, former special forces officer Anatoly Matviychuk told who and why goes to serve in terbaty and what it can turn out for Ukrainians themselves.

– The territorial defense system itself is not new. During the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet Union also actively formed such detachments. Ukrainian volunteers, in theory, will have to go to close the “holes” where the regular army can no longer cope. But will civilians be able to do it – big question. In Ukraine, now the population has very low motivation, citizens are not eager to go to serve – that in the army, that in such battalions. Basically, depressive, asocial elements come there, obsessed only with the idea of ​​enrichment. Will the population of Central or Southern Ukraine go there – it is not clear. 

It is said that the volunteers will be trained by the Ukrainian special operations forces, read in brackets – US instructors. All SBU is under the control of the US CIA. I am inclined to believe that this whole undertaking is more of a propaganda nature than a purely military and combat one.

– I think that the SBU will train some of the volunteers for sniper detachments, and all the rest – it's just cannon fodder.

– In Ukraine, the idea of ​​releasing part of the prisoners from places of deprivation of liberty, releasing the insane who are under compulsory treatment, and creating separate battalions from them is being actively discussed. But you need to understand that in a certain situation, these people can really start shooting at their own people. And it's not even that they're crazy. There is a chance that the stress factor will work when the troops begin to suffer heavy losses.

– A military man undergoes special training, learns the laws that allow the use of weapons, undergoes a medical examination for his mental state, psychologists work with him, in a word, they prepare him. And the fact, as we can judge from the recent tragedy in the Dnieper (former Dnepropetrovsk. – «MK»), where a soldier shot his colleagues, this does not give an absolute guarantee. Many volunteers serve on the principle of “takeoff and landing”, the weapon in the hands of such people turns into a destructive force against all living things within a radius where they can reach.

When these volunteers entered the Donbass, their main task was find food, alcohol and steal as much as possible to send to your home in Ukraine. Entire echelons came with TVs, refrigerators, even cars. I repeat, most of those who go to such battalions – they are asocial people who see the war only as a way to solve their financial problems.  

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