Captain Tractor – Big American Headliner Lyrics

Had me a dream, almost obscene
Never had a dream any finer
Had me a taste, in the land of waste
And that dream we chased as we became
The big american headliner

Foamin’ at the mouth, as we up and headed south
South of the paralell fourty-niner
Had us a dream, of Rolling Stone magazine
And all the girls they’d scream as we became
The big american headliner

Vision of sold out shows, candy for your nose
In america anything goes, as we soon would find
It doesn’t matter what the place is, you can act like Oasis, ‘
Till yer blue in the faces and you become
The big american headliner

Leno said he loved our sound, we’re the talk of tinseltown
Everyone and their dog came around, to the scene, to be seen

We did our guest spot on Friends, played our songs on Letterman
Looked towards the mighty yen, ‘cuz the japanese, the japanese…
The big american headliner

Woke up in a hotel room, downtown Saskatoon
Gotta leave this afternoon for Regina
Betty has got us an opening slot, these warm-up gigs never pay a lot
My patience nerves and credit shot, tonight we open for
(hey keep the door!)
The big american headliner
Oh yeah!
And we gotta be on at niner!
Oh yeah!
And we can’t use their drum riser!
Oh yeah!
So we steal their f*ckin’ rider!
Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

The big american… headliner….

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