Chillinit – Arabian Nights Lyrics (feat. Nerve)

My whole life I’ve been cursed like voodoo
I’m too rare like mewtwo, air like Bluetooth
Gimme a minute coz I’m the man like boohoo
Spitting the Rythm the 2 yous like FUBU
Yea I do it for my blood, suwoop
Puffin it good, puffin it good
Pass this weed now N to the E to the RVE go

Verse 1 (NERVE)
Used to busk never getting any pay
Now we doing front flips on the festival stage
Honeys in the off white kicks looking bomb in the back seat chopping up a sesh for the jay
This a boss fight we the best in the game
No chit chat homie better check what you say
She getting pissed off saying I got a big head like that’s in a negative way?
Anyway i’m tryna work less for the pay
Gotta make the money move like a tenner in a day
Still stay humble, split up the cheese now my crew kicking back with the feta on the plate
Veteran, you can bet i’m better than your mates got em pissed off now they looking redder in the face
I’m the boss like Rick Ross, lit when the kick-ons kicked off now we getting air up on the J’s

Puffin it good, puffin it good, puffin it good
All of my brothas they come to the hood
Puffin it good, puffin it good, puffin it good
Argh argh

Verse 2 (Chillinit)
Said if u wanna get me then please come do me
In the E.R like Clooney
I got a g card like boozy
I let weed spark but Atleast 3 bars cause I’m boujee
I don’t move E but life is a movie
Roll up a doobie the big g girl all up in the front like Gucci

Puffin it good, puffin it good, puffin it-
f*ck off, please do me, do or die for the tour life that’s uzi
Who am I sicker on the mic get woozy
Suicide triple up a line that’s doozy
Brother bugged out to the tunes like looney
Brother better duck u a mouse so goofy
Kick goals when I’m going out like Rooney, have a roofie, black out to the bars facts
O.k brother I’m the truth to juice like OJ
Loose when they come to the booth, your José
First round getting knocked out ever since road rage mate aus2uk
f*ck one I’m goin for 2 days
Rap flow when I kick push kick push to fiasco gold star like Lupe
Fire, on the track need water boy, Bobby boushaye (Gatoradee)

(Oi cut the beat out one time wait wait)

It’s 55g’s on a g watch, roll up gs with my g in a g spot, 4gs to the OG that’s G Chron, I be on the block with the gs on recon agh
G shit I was on g shit ever since g shock, go have a g shot
Got so much gs in the bank, being frank, all of my gs took a week off

(Aye how longs left on the beat, I got 8 more bars yeh, i’ll go harder wait)

Bend like Beckham on a tester
Football brother I’m the man like Chester
Rock ya when I’m midfield like Pogba
Big wheel when I’m on the road like Vespa
Charge up cause I got the drive like Tesla
GTA with the guys like Lester
Smack down when I’m on the mic that’s wrestler
B-rock when I’m in a cage like Lesna

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