Chris Farlowe – Looking For You Lyrics

A looking for you, everywhere
I miss the touch of your fingertips
The burning fire of your sweet lips
How can I go on like this
Baby, I need you

A looking for you, oh everywhere
Since the day, that you left me
I got sad and lonely memories
Thinking how it used to be
Baby, I need you

I stopped at places we used to go
I’ve asked they’ve seen you
But nobody knows
I look for you up and down the street
But baby, oh I need you

Yeah, come back
Oh that’s why I’m…

A looking for you
Yes I am
Every everywhere
There’s a pain inside of me
‘Cause I need you so desperately
I want more than old memories
Baby I need you

Oh I need you baby
That’s why that’s why

You know I
I’m looking for you
Oh my my my my everywhere
Oh yeah
I’m looking for you darling
But I don’t know where
Just looking baby
Can’t stand it, looking for you