Cities Aviv – Turn To Smoke Lyrics

It’s a new sense
It’s a new love
[?] in the garden
Yeah, it’s a new drop
Niggas lost their vision, they block
You either die or survive
If this dream is really yours why you stop
Be aware what you subscribe to
I see them devils in your mannerisms
And I can peep ’em in your eyes, too
I’ma punch you in your chest until your heart murmur
How you really for this culture when you sell murder
Speaking fables of folklore
You should get up more, you should get out more
I just flew a bag, I spent the summer on parkway
This for the C sake
All these hatin’ niggas take a knee, call me sensei
And if I never see you again
I was meant to never see you again
f**k niggas waste time tryina’ find money
And bitch niggas take lives tryina’ claim something
Take aim, little nigga

Tell you niggas something, man
Keep your circle tight, nigga
f**k the squares, nigga
All the key people around you, trust, nigga
Trust with your life, nigga, your money, your girl, nigga
f**k the crowd and [?], nigga
Again, nigga
Prosperity, nigga
Hold each other up, nigga
Peace, love

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