Cj Fly – Jooks Lyrics

You could smoke my shit but don’t pass it, hahaha
That’s how we comin’, huh

I’m sitting in the car finishin’ my Backwood cigar
Keep my dank in the jar, gettin’ smacked off the la
Love my og but some of y’all ain’t teaching you right
Did my homework, scoped the scene, like a thief in the night
Don’t got much, it’s only right I take what I like
If it come down to it, then I’m taking a life
Grabbed my mask, contemplatin’, bring the Tre or the knife
I ain’t never been a plumber but I stayed with the pipe
Never know what you may need on a job, so stay equipped
Know they won’t see me plotting, ’cause I’m watching from the whip
Was a two for one special if I caught you with your chick
I’ll get whatever’s comin’, I know karma is a bitch
I can’t worry ’bout that because I don’t got time
Bunch of other f*ck shit that I got on my mind
‘Cause bills is due, this what I do, ain’t never dropping a dime
Saw someone walking with a phone that was about to be mine
Spotted my prey, then I crept up on ’em like a ninja
Put my hoodie on my head and my index on the trigger
Left my hood for all my missions, couldn’t rob my fellow nigga
I’m Fly, but no angel, never gon’ be pointin’ fingers
Said, "Shut the f*ck up, if you scream I’ma shoot

I don’t wanna have to hurt you, all I need is the loot"
Tried to reach for his wallet, I ain’t tell you to move
Pistol whipped him, bust his lip, then made him bleed from his tooth
I then told my mark, he could empty out his pockets
Had the gun right in his face so he ain’t have no other options
I had to look around to see if anyone was watching
He make any sudden movements again, I’m gon’ pop him
I tried to keep the peace, always rather not use force
Try to not resort to violence, shoulda been on a resort
When you hungry in these streets, you don’t have any remorse
I tend to learn my lesson when I let things run it’s course
He gave me everything he had and then I let him go
I said, "I saw your address so if you tell a soul
One shot from the. 38 gon’ make your head explode
In the back of your melon, where you’ll see the exit hole"
Just a game of chess and you were my pawn
I did the right wrongs, just to keep the lights on
Did. 211s as a freshmen, now I write songs
Learned about computers, never thought I’d be an icon
I hope I make a lot of money and my life long
Now that the is mission completed, nigga, I’m gone


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