Correcting Biden Kamala Harris threatened Russia with aggressive actions

U.S. Vice President Makes Sharp Statement on Situation Around Ukraine

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris insists that the United States will aggressively respond to the events around Ukraine after the criticism of Joe Biden's speech. According to White House man #2, any Russian invasion would come at a “serious cost.”

Kamala Harris joined the White House campaign to correct US President Joe Biden's statements about Ukraine at his press conference on Wednesday, where he said NATO was divided on how to respond to a “minor invasion” from Russia, writes The Guardian.

“The President of the United States has been very clear, and we, as the United States, have been very clear: if Putin takes aggressive action, we are prepared to incur serious costs. Dot», — said US Vice President Kamala Harris in a speech Thursday on NBC.

Television host Savannah Guthrie countered that the White House was “less than clear” by issuing a statement just minutes after Biden's press conference confirming the “united response” between the US and its allies.

During a two-hour press conference on Wednesday — his second solo press conference since taking office — Biden made off-the-cuff remarks about the decision NATO allies would face depending on the severity of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“You will see that Russia will be held accountable if she invades, and it depends on what she does, — said the President of the United States. – It's one thing if it's a minor intrusion, and then we have to argue about what to do and what not to do, etc.»

When asked to clarify what constitutes a minor intrusion, Biden pointed to cyberattacks and the presence of Russian intelligence officers.

“There are disagreements within NATO about what countries are willing to do depending on what happens, — Biden said. – If Russian troops cross the border… I think that changes everything.

In a clarification released 30 minutes after the end of the press conference, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated: “If any Russian military forces cross the Ukrainian border, it will be a renewed invasion and it will be met with a swift, tough and cohesive response.” by the United States and our allies.

The confusion has alarmed Ukrainian authorities, with a Kiev official telling CNN that Biden's comment “gives Putin the green light to enter Ukraine at his discretion.”

Kamala Harris came to Biden's defense when host Savannah Guthrie asked how “harmful” was that Biden “spoke openly about divisions within NATO countries and NATO allies.”

“I think your audience knows that Joe Biden worked for many years as the former head of foreign relations, as well as former vice president and senator in foreign policy leadership role, — Harris said. – I have witnessed how he constantly has direct and honest conversations with our partners and allies, and this is no exception.

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