Crying – Premonitory Dream Lyrics

Spit in the water, not sure why
My feet are sweating as this neck cranes
Downward, in search of where I went
Tried to leave a piece of me there in case I forget

From the dark it appeared
A splendid mystery, oh, it drew me near
Towards a path far from home
And I knew I had to go forth alone

Deep in the heart of this lone bridge
A sudden terror overtook me
Continue blindly or turn back
At risk of burdening the wood and rope I’d already passed?

Somehow I fought
Back against uncertainty
The harsh bite of jealousy
Prayers she had sent for me

To embark upon
Something they had never done

Out of fear
Fear of pain
But keeping static felt exactly the same

From underneath, the dark waves riled
After a wind blew by, removing
A pair of glasses from my face
And it occurred to me it wasn’t worth just staying in place

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