Dante Wolfe – Spirit Of GFK Lyrics

[Danté Wolfe]
Yo check the fly shit

[Verse: Danté Wolfe]
Yo this a verse for all my friends, ’cause my foes ain’t got heart
Westside niggas moving, getting money from the start
I caught feelings for a girl and it made my pockets shrink up
I call it bad decisions, some call it bad luck
I take a f*ck rapper and burry him in a sea of his own lies
And take a bitch and hang her by her disguise
Let’s see you Instagram post that
Damn, where yo quotes at?
Wednesday’s where yo hopes at
But bitch you really throwback
It’s that nigga from Wayne Manor
Catching bodies like Jane Fanta
Chilling with Bruce Banner
Smoking blunts with a dash of gamma
And any beat in my way is a casualty
‘Cause it’s go take more than the All State hands
To try to handle me, nigga
Long as the sun shine, well Ima be on my grind
You tryna knock mine, then you go have to stop time

Rewind ain’t in my design
That’s why you niggas decline
And every time you look up
You behind, you see now?!
And If I tell you I’m fine I’m probably lying
Tryna keep from crying, It’s probably easier dying
This shit live we can’t rehearse it, ain’t nobody perfect
But before I drop a tear for a bitch who ain’t worth it
I’ll black tux and hearse it
It’s only a few rappers who ain’t lying to us
‘Cause man these niggas ain’t Jesus they ain’t dying for us
And I dont really like my phone, ’cause they be spying on us
Now everything got an I
Watchu eyeing me for?!
Big brother, big brother would you let me be?
See I’m just tryna walk the streets without you spying on me
And I just wanna watch some TV without the programming
So I can reach a higher understanding

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