David Arn – The Only Truth I Know Lyrics

Walking alone
Trains quiet as Sunday night
Trying to keep thoughts from buzzing down
Loneliness broods all over town
As if scarier days are comin' 'round
Night can be a black hole
Swallowing a heart whole
So many truths, that's the only truth I know

The streets I wander
Are walked with care
Only God foresees coming days
I ignore news anymore
Call it my ignorance phase
Sleeping by TV when there's no place to go
I won't tell it different. That's a truth she should know

Her stormy hair on a sea of pillows

Dusty sunlight coming through the blind
No expensive ring to bring trust to everything
We were lovers with no others on our mind

What would she do if I rang her door?
Our final goodbye was not that strong
Could we listen to her favorite music
Like we did before strange weather came along?
What if I didn't go
And pretended no big deal?
So many truths confuse how to feel
So many truths
I try not to let them show
So many truths
That's the only truth I know