Deeds Of Flesh – Races Conjoined Lyrics (feat. Matti Way & Jon Zig)

The cull of the ancestors to the water’s edge
An awakening activated by the Elders…
Coalescence of two entities becoming one
A new creation of power and might
The Nucleus will seize and control the flesh
Critical to strengthen cognition and volition
Human organism Improved and repurposed
Everything will exist just to serve its intelligence
An enhanced weapon of elder design
Man and Nucleus, races conjoined
Necessary for the final war
Man and morphon combined
Intent with purpose to destroy
Tiny parasites, when implanted, create superhuman warriors
Unleashing the full potential of the brain to enhance the last of us
Collision between mankind parasite

Circumstance of invasive hybridity
A destiny to kill, defend and perish
Coiled together and evolving as one
An organism once human remodeled
The mind will become wiped as emotions submerse
Substance injected explodes within the cortex
Host now Submitted to the parasitic venom
A consuming incursion for augmentation
Venom implanted (new line)
With powers of might and manipulation of matter
Using only thought, only a few are needed to crush many

The Alyen horde is no match for the new race
The Conjoined are all powerful
And emotionless, awakened and crowned in omniscience
Man and Nucleus, Races Conjoined