Dos Gringos – Left Behind Lyrics

Welcome to the new guy
Squadron is your home
Stand up, introduce yourself
You’ll never be alone

We are your new family
And we want you to know
If we ever get the call to war
I know that you will go

But on further thought, I’m sorry
We can only take a few
And we decided to bring every swingin’ dick
Except for you

And we’d love to bring you with us
But situation’s clear
That you’re too god-damn important
To our operations here

Life can disappoint you
I hope that you don’t mind
Bein’ the guy we leave behind

Not thirty minutes after
All the jets were gone
I had been requested
To go mow the boss’s lawn

How was I to know
This was a fighter pilot’s life?
Rearranging furniture
For the DO’s wife

I want to be supportive
But there has to be a line
And no f**kin’ fighter pilot
Does interior design

After several months
It starts to feel a little strange
I’m beginning to feel pressure
That my duties here will change

Life can throw you curveballs
Maybe it’s a sign
Bein’ the guy they left behind

(Left behind)
You made me your substitute
(Left behind)
Doin’ your duties
‘Til the time you are enroute
And when I’m talkin’ duties
I mean every kind
I am the guy you left behind

Squadron will come home
At the beginning of the year
I hope they like surprises
When the babies all appear

I did just what you asked me
When I took care of your wives
Now I’m permanently weaved
Into the fabric of your lives

And someday you’ll be thinking
A-did you make the proper choice?
When your kid is droppin’ f-bombs
With a lovely singin’ voice

(Years from now you’ll wonder
When your kid is such a star
Why he’s prematurely balding
And can play a mean guitar)

You tried to forget it
But it’s etched into your mind
Thanks to the guy you left behind

I am the guy you left behind

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