Dot – Home (Retrofuture Album)

(First verse)takin my time lovin what i do all the time killin this shit wit da rhymes spittin this shit im on time/gotta love it if u on top of ya game gotta love it if you gotta fine as dame/i be spit nat shit i be killin that shit u kno that shit swag on a million/kno dat i love what i do n i ain’t gone stop what i do for a couple couple/

(Second Verse)yeaaaaa lets make it right lets create sum hot shit on the top of my game can’t knock it/love what i do n ima keep on rockin hotta dan i dont even kno what ta pop it n u know the boy D o T be poppin every bottle/he get a chance n his hand n ima do what i do get it right man spit that shit n that girl keep it tight yea/n i want it you kno i want it oh i love it spit dat shit u kno ah nigga straight love it/on my shit dont even play spit dat shit hey/

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