DPR officer told how French howitzers hit Donetsk

“Ukrainian Armed Forces are hitting residential areas”

Ukrainian armed formations are shelling Donetsk with artillery pieces supplied by NATO countries. Serviceman of the people's militia of the DPR with the call sign “Sith” told the correspondent of “MK” what kind of foreign howitzers and ammunition kill civilians in Donetsk and other cities of Donbass and why the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) choose residential areas as targets.

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“The Armed Forces of Ukraine are hit with NATO standardized shells of 155 mm caliber,” the interlocutor shared, “which often do not explode yet. This happens for the reason that the enemy uses artillery at the maximum range, approximately from a distance of 24 kilometers. The shells don't explode because the fuses don't work. Therefore, “blanks” arrive, destroy buildings, but the projectile does not detonate. Due to the strong kinetic energy, fragments of building structures hit people. Together with the sappers, we dug out these shells, sometimes even from a depth of three meters. In particular, this happened in the Voroshilovsky district of Donetsk.

– What are the APU firing from?

– Mostly we encountered the use of French shells. Most likely, the shelling is carried out from the Caesar howitzers.

– Why are they shooting at the city?

– Because at the maximum range, accuracy and accuracy are low. And hitting a specific military target is very difficult. But hitting the squares of the city is not difficult. When NATO howitzers were delivered, in particular the American M-777A2, or the French Caesars, it was said that they would also be supplied with a wide range of shells, including extended-range active-reactive-active ones. The same shells that hit at a distance of 60-70 kilometers, corrected and hit clearly on the target. So, we have not seen any of these shells in Donetsk yet.

Outwardly, they are characteristically different from the usual. They are longer, as they have additional powder gas chambers. And what's more, they have plumage. This is their main difference from ordinary cannon artillery shells. 

Recently, I was present at the search for a shell that hit the water utility building on Shchorsa Street, pierced the roof, pierced the wall and went into the ground. They dug up to about 2.5 meters, but the projectile could not be found. It didn't explode, it just sank into the ground.

Another interesting fact is that during the last week of intense shelling of Donetsk, there were no arrivals of Hurricanes, Gradovs, etc. or “Tornados”, inherited by the Armed Forces of Ukraine since Soviet times. This suggests that either the Russian Aerospace Forces, which have been actively using their Su-25 attack aircraft in recent days, leveling the territory near Avdiivka and Yasinovataya, effectively destroy enemy rocket artillery, or the Ukrainians began to take care of it very much and hid it out of reach of our artillery and aviation . Most likely, it was in those underground bunkers underground near Avdiivka and Marinka that they had been digging for eight years.

Donetsk, DPR.

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