Drab City – Hand On My Pocket Lyrics

In the days now behind me
When I wandered alone
I wept under starlight
Did not have a home

I was walking the highway
Still almost a child
On the outside was silent
But inside I was wild

With the desert around me
The night air was cold
And out of the darkness
A stranger approached

“The place where we’re walking”
She told me just then
“Is cursed and controlled by
“The crudest of men”

“In those hills lies a city”
She pointed to lights
“Where soft people in perfume

Sleep care free at night”

“Their food is the finest
Their wine is the best
And they carry unguarded
Their gold in their vests”

After walking till morning
I arrived at the gate
I was given free entry
I Did not have to wait

In the streets there were people
So smooth and so clean
With clothing so fine
It was hard to believe

And the streets they did glisten
So bright in the sun
My hand in my pocket
My hand on my gun

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