Elujay – Onetime! Lyrics

Onetime, we gon’ do this one time (x2)

Heard you rolling round the town, like you own this bitch
Who gon’ roll some ones with me, who gon’ really quote this shit
Tendencies aggressive when I’m sipping on the ocean liq
I just wanna take it back, no suit and ties or corporates
Know you talented, boy you better rep the town
I said it for the city, Jentrify will put you down
Know some East Oakland niggas every pack around
Know some chubbies and they mother when they hear the sound
I been battling my flaws and all my fallacies
This an intro to my life and our reality
We’re blessed to the bone until eternity
I just do it for the city, this is still in me
You that sip of that OJ in the morning
I got you if you really need it, if you want it
Imma put that on my set, that’s on my momma
We gon’ resonate the passion in the moment

This one for the children in the projects
We gon win it, like the Warriors, peep the process
Taking dubs all year, no losses
For my niggas in the town, know you’re watching (onetime!)

Onetime, we gon’ do this onetime
Onetime, we gon’ do this onetime
Onetime, we gon’ do this onetime

We’re blessed (x15)

Will you come back to me
Will you come back to me? (x4)


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