EU imposed sanctions against Belavia and Syrian Cham Wings

The sanctions list includes 17 individuals and 11 companies who are accused of participating in organizing the migration crisis and supporting political repression. Among them are judges of the Supreme Court, heads of border detachments and a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The European Union imposed sanctions against Belavia and Syrian Cham Wings

The European Union approved the fifth package of sanctions against Belarus, 17 individuals and 11 organizations were subject to restrictions on charges of organizing a migration crisis or supporting political repression. This is stated on the website of the European Council.

The official European magazine has published a list of persons on whom sanctions have been imposed by the European Union:

  • Igor Kryuchkov, head of a separate intelligence service of the State Border Committee;
  • < li>Chairman of the State Border Committee of Belarus Anatoly Lappo;

  • Head of the Grodno Border Detachment Konstantin Molostov;
  • Head of the Polotsk Border Detachment Pavel Kharchenko;
  • Head of the Brest Guard Group Colonel Igor Gutnik;
  • the head of the Lida border detachment Alexander Davidyuk;
  • the head of the Smorgon border detachment Maxim Butranets;
  • the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Anatoly Glaz;
  • judge of the Minsk District Court Sergei Epikhov;
  • Judge of the Supreme Court of Belarus Igor Lyubovitsky;
  • Senior Prosecutor of the General Prosecutor's Office Sergei Girgel;
  • Judge of the Supreme Court Valentina Kulik;
  • Executive Director for Financial Investigations of the State Audit Office Andriy Prokopuk;
  • Director of the Financial Investigations Department of the State Audit Office Igor Marshalov;
  • Judge of the Chamber of the Supreme Court for Civil Cases Anna Sokolovskaya;
  • head of ONT TV channel Marat Markov;
  • judge of the Central District Court of Belarus Dmitry Karsyuk;
  • Belavia Airlines;
  • Tsentrkurort travel agency;
  • Oscar Tour travel agency;
  • Minsk hotel;
  • Planet hotel;
  • Separate activity service;
  • Cham Wings Airlines (Syria);
  • VIP Grub Passport and Visa Center (Turkey);
  • Branch of Khimvolokno Plant Grodno Azot;
  • Belorusneft;
  • Belshina.

As a justification for imposing sanctions on Belavia The European Union ruled that the airline “ benefits from and supports Lukashenko's regime, '' and the airline's management asked employees not to participate in protests over the presidential election. In addition, continued in the EU, Belavia participated in the transportation of migrants from Central Asian countries, for this new routes were opened and the number of flights increased.

According to the European Union, Tsentrkurort helped at least 51 people from Iraq to obtain a visa to visit Belarus, and buses booked by the company transported migrants from Minsk airport to hotels. Oscar Tour accused of organizing flights of migrants from Baghdad to Minsk, and the Hotel Planeta and “ Hotel Minsk '' accepted migrants for placement.

In addition, in particular, Belorusneft, as explained in the European Union, fired employees who either went on strike, or participated in anti-government protests, or publicly supported these protests. Thus, Belorusneft is responsible for the suppression of civil society & raquo;, & mdash; said in the document. The EU also accused Belshina of firing the protesting employees. and 'Grodno Azot'.

In total, 183 people and 26 organizations are under the sanctions of the European Union after the publication of the list. Their European assets must be frozen, and EU companies and citizens are prohibited from providing them with funds. In addition, the sanctions do not allow individuals to enter the territory of the European Union or carry out a transit trip through it.

High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell pointed out that the fifth package of restrictions is “ another example of our determination. '' to take action in the event of human rights violations. “ This cynical strategy of exploiting vulnerable people is a heinous attempt to divert attention from the ongoing disregard for international law, fundamental freedoms and human rights, '' & mdash; he stated.

We are talking about the migration crisis that has been going on at the border of Belarus and the EU countries since summer. In November, the situation escalated after columns of migrants approached the border with Poland along Belarusian territory and tried to storm the barriers. Refugees threw stones at Polish border guards, Poland used water cannons and tear gas.

Western countries said that the organizers of the crisis were the Belarusian authorities, who deliberately brought migrants away. For example, Polish President Andrzej Duda called what was happening a “ massive hybrid attack. '' “ At the last moment, they were deliberately taken off the road into the forest so that they attack the Polish border in a place where there is no official crossing, '' & mdash; he pointed out.

The Belarusian authorities deny the accusations. Minsk insists that the migrants act independently, and that they were provoked into the assault by “ indifference '' Warsaw. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko warned that in case of imposition of European sanctions, the Yamal gas pipeline could be cut off & mdash; Europe with Russian gas.

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