Evil Scarecrow – Crabulon Lyrics

Beware! Geneticists
With their craziness and hybrid monster fantasies
Beware! The things they do
They’re geneticising monsters with genetic glue
Beware! It won’t be too long
Before they splice some stuff and engineer a Crabulon
Beware! Mighty Crabulon
Here he scuttles left to right made from flutonium
March forth, crab hoard killing humans
March forth, raise a claw for the crab lord, Crabulon!
Destroy! The humanoids
Fill their bellies full of nasty little crabuloids
Destroy! Their only sun
Harness the power, put it in a laser gun
Destroy! It’s claw vs hand
Their demise is the beginning of our master plan
Destroy! The human race
Perform a pincer movement, crabkilling at great pace
Arise my mighty pink army
Scuttle left! Scuttle right! Attack!
“But doctor, how did Crabulon come to be?”
“Well little Kraven, when a robot and a crustacean love each other very much he uses his hard drive to impregnate the crustaceans eggs
However the process of robo-insemination is far too complex for the human mind!”
Too complex for the human mind, my brain hurts

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