Evil Scarecrow – Space Dementia Lyrics

“Ok Swindon are we good for launch in”
Kapow! Launch into the black sky!
Destination the meteorite
Pass the stars ’til the points turn to lines
A voyage, with me, myself and I
This journey could be a lie
Nonsense, we will be fine
I journey alone into space
My quest to find alien race
Oooh, space!
No companion to fill this empty place
I couldn’t stand it any longer
I killed him and fed him down the inspection hatch
Now I am stuck, adrift in space with a dead man
A man I murdered
He can’t get at me as long as I stay awake
And I will remain awake!
I defy you! Do you hear me Whitaker? I defy you!
My sister, I miss her, but she looks a lot like Lister
Computer, reboot her, get a moon gun
And motherf**kin’ shoot her
What’s that there? I don’t care
Sat alone, with no cards, playing solitaire
Breathe cold air, fuel’s spent yeah
Ich habe space dementia
Collapsed, the inner parts of my mind
The colours start to unwind
A rainbowverse I will climb, eating time
Alone, cast into the night sky
A mutiny left to die
Freezing I head to the light, to collide
It’s errily beautiful out here… Swindon?
Are you reading? I’m
Wait, what’s that?
Over there behind the ship is that?
Is that Galacticu…

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