Experts see no need to tighten anti-COVID measures in Moscow

The current measures in Moscow to combat coronavirus do not need to be tightened, as they provide a sufficient level of protection for citizens from the new strain of Omicron, experts say.

«Omicron – strain flows more easily. The authorities gave clear criteria to citizens on how to act during the illness, », — said political scientist Nikita Dontsov.

He recalled that the existing anti-covid measures and recommendations in the capital have reduced the burden on healthcare. In addition, the capital prepared in advance for the upcoming wave: “there is an additional resource for beds and there is a large number of medical personnel,” — the expert added.

According to Dontsov, the restrictive measures introduced in European countries were too strict and had a negative impact on both the economy and the psychological health of people. “Measures must be taken precisely and very carefully, as is done in Moscow,” — he concluded.

A similar opinion is shared by a political scientist, director of the Institute of Recent States Alexei Martynov. 

not required, despite the fact that this strain is more contagious, — the expert believes, since all the necessary sanitary measures are already being taken in the city. In addition, the burden on healthcare is being reduced due to the development of online medical services. 

Currently, a number of measures are in place in Moscow to combat the spread of coronavirus infection. In particular, at least 30% of employees must switch to remote work; citizens over 60 years of age must be in self-isolation; masks must be worn in transport and shops, and QR codes must be presented when visiting public places, and so on. The city authorities strictly monitor compliance with existing restrictions.

Recall that from January 28, Muscovites with symptoms of SARS can get sick leave without visiting a clinic. told how to get an online consultation and open a sick leave.


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