Famous Dex – I Live In LA (feat. Kt)

[Intro: KT]
Aye, yeah, it’s me yeah
Aye aye aye yeah

[Verse: KT]
Let me in the booth sprinkle up some magic (yah)
Hands this down, Mr. KT is fantastic (yah yah)
Eyes low ask me why I’m fucking lagging (why would I lie)
I’m geekin’ off these pills, I’m feeling fucking lavish
I don’t need no pussy I just need some head and yah
I’m just chilling with my mother fucking brethrens (yea)
I just tell them stop playing with my side (uh)
I know my brothers ride or die (yah)
Lights off, I should turn the fucking lights off (huh)
They just piss me off, and they can fucking mic off (yah)
I said fucking lights off, not lights down
When I met her closes off I work on my sound (huh)
My bro Lowkey on the beat (yah)
And you know it’s going to be a hit (yah)
And you know all these bitches gon’ be lining up
I don’t care if you a big man, I’ll be like, "What’s up?"

What’s up, what’s up, what’s up, aye!
What’s up, what’s up, what’s up, woah!
What’s up, what’s up, what’s up, aye!
What’s up, what’s up, what’s up, woah!
What’s up, yeah, yeah, yeah
And that’s what’s up

I’m in the studio with my bros cause thats the best shit
I can say I never had shit, all I need right now is some good weed and a bad bitch
Where my Advil? Where my Advil? Where my Advil?
I’m out here spittin’ bars and thats a mad feel
Chuck chip get banged, get your ass killed huh (yeah)
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up
I’m with Dexter you know I don’t need to buy a Glock
These bitches hating on me while I make it to the top
My hair so long and my dick okay, young Kazakh boy

[Verse: Famous Dex]
Had to hop up on this beat, yeezys on my feet diamonds all up in my teeth
Fucking bitches every week, hop up in the mazzi boy you riding in the jeep
Twitter boy just stop it man you know the shit is cheap
Playing bitches like Nintendo, in my rental gold load like tenfold
Playing bitches till I fade away, give her hard dick Don’t scratch the wall is what the neighbors think
And baby I’m just a cool guy, money coming like the blue sky

[Outro conversation: Famous Dex]
"’You know what I’m saying’ like I be really getting money. I gotta bitch that do coke and she really shoving shit up her nose Dexter"

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