Fighting Gravity – Julula Lyrics

She was born in the eye of a hurricane
Laughter all around her bed
And as the sun was looking down
Into a hole beneath the sky
The song of angels filled her head
Spent her days making friends
With the butterflies
Asking questions of the night
And dancing with the gypsy boys
Their pockets filled with promises
Of golden dreams and pearls so white

Julula, I’m sinking like a stone
What have you done to me
Senora, I’m shaking like a leaf

Atop the tallest tree

Warm Brazilian nights gave way to dreams of America
Rebel soldiers on the run
And as the great ship pulled away she cried a lonely tear
And then she turned her head toward the sun

Falling down, calling out I’m all around you

Some days I can see her face in the thunder clouds
Smiling at the simple life
And as the summer breeze calls out
Her name between the rubber trees
It cuts me open like a knife

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