Flatsound – Helen, Oh Helen Lyrics

Helen, oh Helen, oh
I just wanted to give you
Give you your coat back
You left it at my house
Yeah I’ve been eating
Yeah I’ve shaved my head
I do it to clear my thoughts
When i’m sad
But hey, what are you doing tomorrow?
I think we should hang out
And talk about the clouds
Like we did
When you come over
When you sleep over
And figure me out

I understand if you’re busy
No no what was I thinking
I guess I’m just not used to
You having a schedule
But how have you been, girl?
How’s Anthony treating you?
No I don’t hate him
What kind of man would I be…
It’s just a bit strange
I heard that you loved him
It’s been only two months, kid…
You call that real?
But who am I? a walking hypocrite?
No no no no no I’m an idiot
For letting this go
So now I’m gone
I’m going to Bakersfield
Just to get the f**k out of here
And give my chest room to heal

Oh there I go again
Making these pointless threats
My only fear is that
One day I’ll go through with them
Helen, oh Helen
I just wanted to give you
Give you my word that
I’ll never change
I’m not asking for the weight of commitment
I just want some coffee, I just want my best friend back
And I know that you’ve done some thinking
Yeah you’ve planned out your whole life
But didn’t mention my name

Helen, oh Helen
I just wanted to give you
Give you this coat back, and now I’ll be on my way

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