French Montana – Mac And Cheese 2 Intro Lyrics


[Verse 1]
My street niggas following me
Models swallowing me
Yankee cap leaning
Henny bottle with me
I pledge allegiance to the dead people
Some made it breathing, some is dead people
My vision blurry, my diamond clear
My money dirty, think my time is near
What you call nothing to young Warren Buffet
Got me stuck to the paper like a corn muffin
From zip locks to hip hop
Niggas know
They know the game got us sold like a thrift shop
Just spoke to Elz, then I hollered at Cam
Then I told my nigga Max I'll get him out the can
New York, City of dreams
Everything in New York ain't always what it mean
Stole that swag and they took it outta town
Montana boy bout to bring it back around

Be the cause
F-R-E- Bae
In the drought serve that COC baby
Dope boys going craaa
My mind race, i think I'm going craaa
Haaaaanh think I'm going craaa
Haaaaanh, dope boys go craaa

[Verse 2]
It's a miracle, they say I ain't lyrical
Watch Montana, I made em look hysterical
First hit the streets, then I signed with 'Kon
They still don't believe me, I'm bout to drop the ball
It was all or nothing, from nothing at all
They told me life a bitch, so i f*cked her raw
He ain't eating with me, I'm yelling "f*ck em all"
Watch me on your flat screen nigga I'm off the wall
"Knock, knock" first, then I'm kicking down the door
Never snitch and never chase down a whore
I'm the truth nigga, in the coupe nigga
I breeze through, Mac & Cheese 2

Mac and Cheese 2, another episode nigga
Drama what up, Big Mike
Mp3 on the beat
Holla at your motherf*cking boy
Evil Empire
Free Max B
Yeah shout out to all the extent family, all the new business partners
Another Mac and Cheese baby, feeding the streets
Montana! Ah!