Germany raised the level of emergency warning regime for gas

Vice-Chancellor Habek announced that Germany is introducing a second level of emergency warning regime for gas. The Vice-Chancellor explained this by reducing gas supplies from Russia and prices. The first level was introduced back in March

Germany raised the level /></p>
<p>Germany has raised the emergency warning level for gas to the second level, Vice Chancellor, Economics Minister Robert Habeck said, Welt reports.</p>
<p>He explained that the reasons were the reduction in gas supplies from Russia and high prices on the gas market. According to Habek, the situation is tense, but so far the security of supplies is guaranteed.</p>
<p>“We are in a gas crisis. Gas— a scarce commodity, prices are already high, and we must be ready for a subsequent increase, & mdash; said the Vice Chancellor.</p>
<p>The second level theoretically assumes that utilities will be able to sell gas to businesses and households at high prices to reduce demand, explains Reuters. According to the sources of the agency, it was they and the companies that purchase gas who insisted on the transition to the second level. At this stage, it is assumed that the market can still withstand the lack of volumes without government intervention. The third, last level will be emergency, the gas market will be regulated by the authorities.</p>
<p>At the same time, as Welt notes, at this stage, price adjustment for enterprises and consumers will not happen automatically, this measure should be introduced by the Federal Grid Agency.</p>
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<p>Earlier, Frankfurter Allgemeine wrote about the plans of the German authorities to increase the level of the emergency regime for gas, while the authorities denied such intentions.</p>
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<p>Germany introduced the first level of the emergency prevention regime in gas supply at the end of March. It provides for the maximum reduction of gas consumption and constant monitoring of the situation on the gas market. A crisis group was created, which included government officials, energy suppliers and gas pipeline operators.</p>
<p>June 14 Gazprom announced the reduction of pumping through the Nord Stream; first from 167 million to 100 million cubic meters. m per day, and then— up to 67 million cubic meters m. The Russian company explained this by problems with the repair of turbines, which is carried out by the supplier— Siemens company. She explained the delay in returning the units from repair to sanctions: the turbines are being repaired in Canada, and the restrictions she has imposed do not allow them to be returned. Habek called Russia's decision to cut supplies political.</p>
<p>Canadian Minister of Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson said Ottawa is exploring ways to secure gas supplies via Nord Stream. He stressed that the purpose of the restrictions is not to cause problems for Germany, which “is one of the closest friends and allies.” Canada.</p>
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