Glue – Seconds Away Lyrics

This is my last letter.but I shouldn’t have told you that
It leaves me opens to let downs
I’m sure how I got here
But I know I’m tired from traveling and thinking about November
I feel like every day I have something new to tell you
Show you what I’ve written or expect an honest opinion back
But I the problem is that your ghost doesn’t talk to me anymore
See I’ll close my eyes and fall in love to old song that sound tracked us as we happened
Writing about what you’ve lost is an addiction
It’s the need to hold on and live out that one conversation where nothing else mattered but you
It should be understood that I can’t see past streets that are covered with forests in the springtime
And I feel that the only thing that can explain me right now is this piano
Cause with only a few short notes it seems to be explaining what I’ve tried to do with a million washed up words
Hopefully you’ll understand that my hearts on standby and I’m waiting for that password to be whispered in my ear
How amazing it would be to feel again, (I do feel again)
I never thought that was to much to ask
No matter how dead ends or empty days I’ve had to make it through my feet aren’t going anywhere
There’s so much confusion and helplessness
And we’ve been collecting these moments for longer than we should have been expected too
Even so far away, you found me faceless and silent, but I’m used to that
And if this is the only way that I can deal with my environment
I’ll explore what’s around me and look for your face in the crowd

I speak for so many people without even meeting them face to face
No matter what happens I’m confident that I made the right choices and I never broke a promise, I take pride in that
So now I’ll sit back and wait for karma to answer my calls
So Wave back to me saying so words
You can’t distinguish what’s to keep and what’s to ignore
This is still addressed to no one and her pet name was anonymous
I crumbled under broken trust and now everything is changed
And I’ve never fallen by myself, but had a loving push
I recycle my mistakes and give them what it takes
You can break me in half and I’ll put myself back together again
Crash my world again, nothing could be better than failing eyes and broken ear drums
Come to me with empty space and fill my Eden with weeds
Paradise must look nice from 50 miles away
And I’m being dragged back to the debt I can’t pay
So I crawl my way out of you and retract into me
You can shoot me at close range and watch the anger slowly dissipate
This is a battle cry, the anthem of rejection for those who pick the pieces apart and throw them into the fire
The invisible doesn’t exist cause my skeleton’s been ripped
Yeah your name is worth it but I still bypass all my turns
So tear the sunrise away from my smile because my frown wears thunder perfect
And my eating habits suffer because I’ve eaten all of your lies
So keep this in a safe place and pull it out when you feel happy
Keep this in a safe place and pull it out when you feel happy

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