Haleek Maul – Return Lyrics


YO ! Peep vibe

Never capitalize the i
Lose freedom along with your pride
See visions of wisdom and life
Flippin the die, flippin the die
Get you 86 quick no lie
Put u in the basement with the lions
So ravenous, stomach so cavernous straight up devour your flesh'

Big up Shy Guy, Boody, Pablo, nuymean

Gas it up, then pass me the light
They was never fit for a fight
They was never fit for the fire
They was never fit to touch the mic
Pass it up, get out of my line
You was just a p*ssy and a liar
Cinema writer
Thought you was hot but then u died inside my pyre
What if i like her
What if i sight her she turn rider
Motorbike her
Yamaha mama on my honda
Don't know my number
Loose lips sink shit so i took her under
Can't steal my thuder
Clap clap clap that ass make her remember
When she sit
Since when did i get so sick
Since when did i need two cents
From a bitch sip liqour till i'm bent
Bet benjamins till i'm spent
Then make that all back on one trip

Real real
Real real
Don't play games on no checkered field
But a pawn should know his place and man thats you
Your favourite hue is green while mine is blue
Like the sky when it's reflecting on the ocean true
No clue, look at my target i might start him
Hurt him worse than pain no blood on my carpet
Don't do stains, just puff strain till i got no brain left
Chainless, so insane but that's just what the game is
Unrestrained by the limits that's in this thing
I transcend, dreaming of being a being so supreme and
Demons tryna hold me ain't got no reason
Cept for jealousy but i guess that's what an enemy is
Never get the best of me
An island undivided by petty shit i make em second guess
Confession with no weapon finessing em from the get

Yo I told em lie low
Fore I get it with my bros
For my enemies and foes
You don't wanna let it go
No no no no
No no no no no no won't let it go
Lie low lie low lie low

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