Harakiri For The Sky – Homecoming, Denied! Lyrics

I don’t think we will withstand this trip
Along these paths cobbled with shards
To tell you now makes me feel so heavy hearted
But one night, this life will tear us apart

And now that I gave away the stories end
Its facts sneak in so deadly slow and subtle
But just that something is subtle
Doesn’t mean it’s going to turn out right!

This lethargy, so perfectly shaped, continues spiting filth in my face
Steady going on subsisting, outlive this trivial life
Although this edgeless dagger is stuck deep in my heart

How sad a fate, even these tidal-washed detonations of relief won’t save me
Cause in case of doubt, this landmine marathon will guide me to my early grave

And in spite of everything, someday
I’ll tie this rope to the highest tree and take my life
And as soon as my last cigarette has burned to its end
Without turning once I will have left this world behind…

Only death is real!

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