Heaven – Richie Campbell lyrics

Lyrics Richie Campbell – Heaven

Not even heaven me put above you
Not even the stars them shine like you do
Baby run come give me nah nah i know you well
Run come give me nah nahhh.

Go pon the room go pon the bed
Turn up the sound let go the rest
Let down you hair let go the stress
Take of your shoes take of your dress
One man like you nah go let me go
Wisper say you want me inna yard
Play the game and call out me name
But the neighbor them a sleep so keep your voice low
Bite me .. me neck me arm
Pain you back just like Rihanna
Love me say no give me drama
You me want inna me corner
But I swear I never walkout
When you want me baby call out
Me and you a never fallout.

Let me apply the pressure
Me a dig deep like me a find treasure
Me ya feel good like a Lisbon weather
Your ex man weak and you know me big better
And she know that no other man know fi make you feel so
You better believe that versuri-lyrics.info
Baby don’t lie me see in your eyes when
.. fi me stop and grab the sheets ..
Body get warm and you face a get red
Come inna me life but tonight you ago ..
I feel like you want me to go all nighttt.
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