Hyperaptive – Londoner Lyrics



Ai bruv, you know wots been really pissin me off lately?

All you people, who even think you know about, uk, england London, whatever

And try and chat about we don’t know nothin about rap

Ha, like you’re any better at spittin

You know what, just shut the f*ck up…


Maybe it’s cause I’m from London
If you wanna test us come then
I’ll always be from London
If you wanna run your gums run them


Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner
People think I ain’t a good lyric coungerer
Maybe it’s cause they think that I come-from-the
Ends where they drink tea with a napkin under-the
Table, stead’ of a zoot-on-my-knee
You man must think I got a suit-that-I-keep
On a coat hanger, next to my boots-and-a-sweet
Little bowl next to that, full of fruit-that-I-eat
Ha, more like I’m sittin-in-brix-
-ton, just enough money to be rippin-the-bits
Off this new ecko hoody litterin’-clips
Of my fingers from chicken-n’-chips
Sayin, ‘I should leave rap-to-the-yanks’!
Ha, yea when your stacked-full-of-ants
Still chattin’ about gats-and-the-shanks
Actin’ g’d up til they’re back-from-the-banks
Or maybe it’s cause I’m british
I gotta hear these american critics
Givin me all their f*ckin analytics
Bout how rap ain’t for brits gettin skittish
On myspace messagin me some
Shit bout rap ain’t for United Kingdome

I don’t give a shit where your from
Far as I’m concerned you can suck your mum!…………….


Maybe It’s cause I’m from London
If you wanna test us come then
I’ll always be from London
If you wanna run your gums, run them, cause:


Maybe it’s because I’m English
And rappers round here ain’t that distinguished
People think that we’re dead and extinguished
And’d make more money goin’ out to sing-wish
You a merry christmas, in some gay-team
I don’t care how U.K may-seem
From some neeky Harry Potter movies they’ve-seen
Cause you ain’t really ready for the U.K-scene
It ain’t all pretty on London turf
f*ck around, you’ll end up in someone’s herse
If you run your gums n don’t think for you run them first
Ends in London where the young one’s burst
Gats, wot? You really think it’s all jokes?
Look up in the sky n see umbrellas holding blokes?
Each wavin n dancin around as he floats?
With a grin accross his face like he’s over dosed on coke??
Well maybe It’s coz I rep UK
That I don’t really give a f*ck wot you say
You can think we walk round wearin a toopee
We’re the new breed lookin for some new prey
So if your hatin for you it’s a pity
Cause number one you don’t have a clue your not witty
Number two you’ll get slu if your lippy
Ha, I’ll always stay true to my city…………….

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