I.c. Jonez – Go To Church Lyrics

Hook (IC J):
Get up and go to church
Betta get up you betta get up

1st Verse (IC J):

Get up and go to church you done lost your mind you done went bizurk
Talkin’ bout you don’t wanna fellowship with the brotherhood don’t forsake the fellowship of the brotherhood
They’ll hold you up they’ll keep you good
I seen a lot of false prophets I seen a lot of lost profits
But I never seen the captain lose control of the cockpit betta’ stop it huh and let the Lord lead you let the Lord feed you
We can’t hide from God we are not see through and I know you need I and I need you
I can lead you to truth Holy Bible is the root you can find me on the roof
Yellin’ Christ is real I dont care how you feel man I’m all in the field layin’ hands on the ill until they get healed
Give the homeless a meal and if I had a billion
I’d take a million move the to the hills and
Have church Monday to Sunday man I’m on the runway
Fly doing what the Son say I I


Verse 2 (IC J)
I am the church I am the steeple
I AM first and then the people
If I’m in Christ and Christ in God the we are one and we outside
Make the dead rise kill all lies
Windows to soul is in the eyes boy I sold out and made alive
The kingdom is my tribe all the souls we bring inside
Bring them in the building fill the to the ceiling salvation a wonderful feeling
I know I’ve been changed I was locked up in chains
But Christ set me free I’m no longer the same
Gotta kill the flesh everyday we do the best when he put us to the test
Give it all no less guarantee you be blessed
The will of the Lord say yes the will of the Lord say yes


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